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Technician trainings

We offer different packages length courses for beginners and advanced, tailored to your own time, money and opportunity discretion.

"The easiest way to learn to do something well is to learn from someone who has already got it."


"Specialized course"

You are a painter or an auto-engineer and you want to upgrade and refine your skills. You want an innovative solution and high quality service for your customers. Could this be combined with shortening repairs, job satisfaction and adequate pay for work?

6-day specialized practice course for painters and auto-engineers + theoretical part, held within one week

The participants will be trained in PDR technologies for straightening dents BEFORE PAINTING, to avoid clogging and save time to prepare the paintwork.

The ECONOMIC SET of DentCircleTools is included in the training package.

You will be able to enrich your collection of tools as well as optional accessories at preferential prices.

In the theoretical part of this course, you will learn about different marketing strategies for the service to expand the customer network.


"Full professional course"

You wondered how to develop professionally, and the cars and the way they look is your passion! You want to make money, but you like your work too!

We know what to offer!

12 day practical PDR course + theoretical part, conducted within two consecutive weeks.

Participants will be trained in PDR techniques to straighten dents without PAINTING.

They will receive all the necessary professional guidance related not only to the practical activity but also to the marketing of the service.

A set of START SET tools from DentCircleTools is also included in the package.

If necessary, you can enrich your collection of tools and accessories and we will offer them at preferential prices!

Upon completion of the training, the students receive a CERTIFICATE for acquired PDR skills.


For more information: 0896 70 79 70