Terms and Conditions

www.dentcircletools.com is a website/Site/, briefly referred to as the creator and owner is company Circle Tools Ltd. The site has a specialized focus, namely the sale of tools over the Internet on an individual customer order. All prices mentioned in this website are inclusive of VAT and do not include cost of delivery. All prices are valid until stocks are exhausted. Circle Tools Ltd. reserves the right to change prices without notifying its users, as well as to correct misspelled the technical and other parameters of the goods.

There are typographical errors, differences in the color preview of the user's computer configuration and change the design of the products.

The label Dent Circle Tools is owned by Circle Tools Ltd. The content of this site may not be reproduced or displayed without the written consent of the company Circle Tools Ltd.




"User" is anyone who is loaded at the website of www.dentcircletools.com."Tools" are available through the website goods for purchase. "Order" is the individual for purchasing selected tool/tools under the conditions provided for in the website on the way of delivery and payment by the user. "Services" means all activities carried out byCircle

Tools LTD. in the circle and/or on the occasion of the offering, sale and delivery of the tools on the site.




The present document contains the General conditions under which www.dentcircletools.com provides services to your users through the site.

Each user is bound by the rules of the present general terms and conditions for the entire time of use of the site, from initial entry to the departure of the website. Identify the user with the aim of reproduction of his statement for the acceptance of the General conditions is performed by the stored in log files on the server www.dentcircletools.com the IP address of the user as well as any other information provided. General terms and conditions are posted in a conspicuous place on the site and are available to every user.


Subject to the terms and conditions


General conditions regulate the relations related to the provision of services of www.dentcircletools.com through the site.



Goods, subject of sale


The object of the sale are the tools offered on the site at the time of making the application for purchase by the user. Tools sold through the site, are described by type and quality and are classified into separate categories in General and similar characteristics.



Rights and obligations of the user


The user has the right to view, order and receive the tools from the site by the terms and conditions specified therein.
The user has the right to be informed about the status of its order.

The user has the right to delivery of the requested tool/tools and the requested delivery address after payment of the purchase price in the order specified on the site.
The user is obliged to pay the price of its order according to the value in the site mode.

Users of the site are not permitted to distribute, modify (Edit), copy (other than for non-commercial, personal purposes), transmit, exhibit, reproduce, publish, create secondary material, transfer, sell or in any other way use the content on the site without the express written permission of Circle Tools Ltd.



Rights and obligations of www.dentcircletools.com


Circle Tools Ltd. Has no obligation and the objective ability to control the way in which users use the services provided.

Circle Tools Ltd. has the right but not the obligation, to retain materials and information used/placed on the server of the www.dentcircletools.com or made available to third parties by the user, and to provide them to third parties and relevant government authorities in cases when this is necessary to preserve the rights and legitimate interests, property and security of Circle Tools Ltd., as the circle and third parties in the case of claims in connection with violations of their rights on the occasion of the used or disseminated any information or materials, as well as in cases where materials or information are requested by public authorities, by virtue of an explicit statutory provision.

Circle Tools Ltd. has the right at any time, without notification to the user when the latter uses the services in violation of these terms and conditions, as well as the discretion of the Circle Tools Ltd., to terminate, suspend or modify the services provided.

Circle Tools LTD. shall not be liable to Users or third parties for damages and lost profits incurred by the termination, suspension, modification or restriction of service, deletion, modification, loss, unauthenticity, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, material or information, transmitted, used, saved or made accessible through Circle Tools Ltd.

Circle Tools LTD. can provide for publication in the thematic sections of the store of hyper-links to other websites and resources. Circle Tools Ltd. does not bear responsibility for damages and lost profits, arising in connection with the use, access or accuracy of such material and content.

The user assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to the www.dentcircletools.com and third parties resulting from use of or access to these websites and resources. Circle Tools Ltd. does not bear responsibility for damages caused on the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or loss of data resulting from the materials or resources searched, uploaded or used in any way by means of the services provided. The advice, consultation or assistance rendered by specialists and employees of www.dentcircletools.com in connection with the use of services by users, does not give rise to any liability or obligations for Circle Tools Ltd.

The user is obliged to indemnify Circle Tools Ltd. and any third parties for all damages and missed benefits, including any expenses and pay attorneys ' fees incurred as a result of claims and/or paid indemnities to third parties in connection with the websites, hyper-links, material or information that the user has used, disposed of the server sent, spreads, made available to third parties or made available Circle Tools Ltd. in violation of the law , these general conditions, good manners or Internet Ethics.



Amendment of the terms


General terms and conditions may be changed at any time from the Circle Tools Ltd. undertakes to notify the user of changes to the terms and conditions as published on the site message for the amendments and the amendments themselves — for getting acquainted with them. The user shall be bound by the changes from the time of their publication, unless said he did not accept them. In the event that the user explicitly stated that it does not agree with the changes, then the Circle Tools Ltd. is entitled immediately to suspend or terminate the provision of the services to the user, such as the far responsibilities subject to execution.



As far as expressly stated otherwise, all notices relating to the provision of services through the site shall be made on the phones/addresses for contacts, advertised prominently on the site with respect to the phone/contact address of the user. Changes made in this way notifications are considered as duly received until proven otherwise.


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