Payment information

Payment through PayPal system

The system serves the following types of debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express issued in Bulgaria and abroad and can accept payments through bank accounts ( United States only). When you select this type of payment you will be automatically transferred to the page on where you must enter your email adress and password , or if you don't have one , it is necesarry to register. Then follow the steps for payment through PayPal system. Our account in the system of PayPal is
Attention! When you choose eCheck through PayPal Payment System, payment is usually about for working days which at the same time will slow downand the implementation of your order, since the beginning of the order confirmation is accepted by, that the client is commited to transfer the account of
Step by step:
1.    To pay for your order through PayPal system you need to have an initial registration. The first stage of registration is where you enter your details – email, password, adress and phone number, the press the button “I agree”.
2.    It is required to enter the number of your bank card (PayPal accepts the following types of cards  Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express issued in Bulgaria and abroad, the date of expiry of the card and the three-digit code on the back of the card. After entering your data, click the Continue button.
3.    After you have placed your order through and you select payment via PayPal our system will automatically redirect you to the login page in PayPal system where you must enter your username and password and click “Log In” on the left of the screen. You will see your order information and the final payment amount.
4.    Login to PayPal is necessary for you to confirm the payment amount and method of payment (in case you have entered several payment cards) and click Pay Now.
5.    Finally you are given information on your payment which will be reflected as a transaction “PayPal*” on your credit card. You will receive a letter on your email on this transaction. By pressing the button “Return to Merchant” you will be redirected to the page of

Payment by Bank Transfer

As transfer the amount to the our bank account:
Bank: UniCredit Bulbank
EUR: BG42UNCR70001521825815
USD: BG85UNCR70001521825817
Recepient: Circle Tools LTD

For clarification: home of the order confirmation is accepted that the clientis traslated to the account of the money Circle Tools LTD.
If you want the order to move as quickly as possible , it is necessary to send us scanned payment order of together with the number of your order.
Upon payment of a foreign bank account is necessary to pay a bilateral bank fees (for your and our side).

Online debit/credit card-payments

Online debit/credit card-payments by credit/debit cards shall be carried out in euro/dollar central rate in Bulgarian National Bank and pass automatically through automated payment platform. Pre-registration  is not required. You have the possibility to use credit and debit cards from all publishers.

You can see the blank fields and after filling in the required data you will see a screen of data validation. Parallel receive e-mail successfully adopted an order and waiting for your payment.

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